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  • Cleankeys® CK4 - used, very good condition - KR23211
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  • Cleankeys CK4W - used, very good condition - KR24231
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  • CleanType™ Easy Basic - KPL-U10060
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  • Black Industrial Plastic keyboard KPL-U20060
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  • All-in-one keyboard with illumination, magnetic mounting and IP68 protection - KG23205
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  • InduMouse™ - KH20225
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  • CleanType™ Waterproof medical wheel scroll mouse - MPL-U10010
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  • CleanType™ Wave Compact - KSI-B10030
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  • Black industrial plastic mouse - MPL-U20010
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Who we are

GETT® North America is a subsidiary of GETT®, a leading manufacturer of professional operating technology. We are your partner for medical and industrial input devices "Made in Germany". Our computer keyboards and mice, as well as complete solutions are being manufactured using the brand name "Indukey". We are the perfect North American partner for you.

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InduProof® Smart Classic


These products are suitable for areas that are exposed to a high risk of infection, like hospitals, nursing homes, medical offices and public areas.

Medical product Range


These products are suitable for tough areas like the food industry, automation. transport engineering, medical technology or safety engineering.

Industrial Product Range

Where to buy?

Advantech Corp.

Medical & Industrial Input Devices


Christina Yang

380 Fairview Way

Milpitas, CA 95035

Web: www.advantech.com

Email: christina.yang@advantech.com

Phone: +1 408 519-1725

Fax: +1 408 519-3801

Rugged Technologies Inc.

Medical & Industrial Input Devices


Russ Amiro

15 Regwood Drive

Windsor Jct, NS B2T 1K1

Web: www.ruggedtech.com

Email: rtsales@ruggedtech.com

Phone: +1 877 861-1130

Fax: +1 902 861-1050

Special Needs Computer Solutions

Medical Input Devices


Terry Scott

300 Welland Ave., Unit 2B

St. Catharines, ON  L2R 7L9

Web: www.specialneedscomputers.ca

Email:  terry@specialneedscomputers.ca

Phone: +1 877-724-4922

Fax: +1 877-724-9996

Micwil Group of Companies Ltd.

Medical & Industrial Input Devices


102 Wheeler Street

Saskatoon SK S7P 0A9

Web: www.ergocanada.com

Email: sales@ergocanada.com

Phone: +1 306-382-5995

Fax: +1 306-382-4995

Henry Schein

Dental Input Devices


Stefan Guay

345 Townline Road, PO Box 6000

Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0

Web: www.henryschein.com

E-Mail: stefan.guay@henryschein.ca

Phone: +1 800 668-5558

Fax: +1 905 646-4201