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New Products
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Sales Partner
imts - 2024
IMTS - 2024
september 9 - 14, 2024 | chicago, illinois


As a top-tier provider of professional operating solutions "Made in Germany," GETT specializes in crafting premium-quality products and solutions tailored for the industrial, commercial, and medical sectors.




From automobile manufacturing to access control systems


We have access to innovative technologies



We turn product ideas into finished HMl solutions


Up to the start of production



Throughout the project


We assume and manage currency and supply chain risks


Happy customers


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From a garage in Mahnbrück to the digital world – a success story lasting a quarter of a century!

Our vision was launched in a small garage in the Vogtland District and this marked the start of a success story at GETT Gerätetechnik, which goes back 25 years. Having our main company office in Treuen reflects our clear commitment to the region and it is the headquarters for the entire corporate group, the GETT.GROUP. GETT.GERMANY has been based here since 1996 and has excellent international connections with GETT.AMERICA in Houston (USA, Texas), GETT.ASIA in Hong Kong and GETT.ASIA ASSEMBLY in Shenzhen (China), forming a strong global network.

HMI Universe

As one of the leading providers of professional operating solutions "Made in Germany", we realise high-quality products and solutions for the industrial, commercial and medical sectors.

GETT City Cards

Operating solutions for hygiene-sensitive areas

Hygiene plays a major role in medical areas. Hospitals, medical practices, nursing homes and care centers always strive for a high level of hygiene in all work processes. Hygiene plans are used to avoid infection risks or the spread of pathogens. A medical keyboard is the ideal solution for application in medical areas. For more information, click HERE.

Office keyboards and mice


Germans like their homes clean and tidy. But what about cleanliness at the workplace? Hand on heart - when was the last time you cleaned your keyboard or telephone?

Admittedly, cleaning a conventional keyboard involves a not inconsiderable amount of effort. But, considering the fact that there are more bacteria on a keyboard than on a toilet seat, this time expenditure is all the more worthwhile.

Washable keyboards offer a time-saving, clean and above all ergonomic alternative. These can be cleaned easily and effectively due to their surface texture and are also wrist-friendly. You can find our hygienic keyboards HERE.


Operation in industry must be one thing above all: ROBUST. RELIABLE. APPLICATION-ORIENTED. That's exactly why we have the right solution. Read HERE.

Operating solutions for aviation

Even here, where only the most modern technologies are used and the latest innovations are created, there is still an everyday challenge: hygiene in the workplace, as reported by Marco F., a long-time employee of Telespazio VEGA. He and his colleagues work in shifts in a kind of command center. The crux of the situation is that several employees share a PC workstation. In order to comply with the hygiene rules of the company, and to protect themselves from catching various diseases, the workplace, especially the data entry devices, is cleaned and disinfected at every shift change. This cleaning process is facilitated by the use of the Cleantype Easy Basic.

As Marco F. explained to us in a short interview, the fact that this keyboard can be deactivated is very advantageous. This prevents the PC from having to be shut down during cleaning. This saves valuable time and colleagues can more quickly concentrate on the essentials. In addition, the keyboard can also be rinsed under running water—should the IT staff's gas, i.e., their coffee, spill ;)

POS operating technology

In public places where many people come together every day, the demands on operating technology are particularly high. This applies to the hygiene factor as well as robustness. HERE you will find operating solutions that meet these requirements.

Schools and educational institutions

Enter crime scene: The computer room

With advancing digitalisation, the use of computer rooms became more intensive. But what didn't change? - keyboards and mice are still being shared by a large number of students. This is anything but hygienic. Special hygienic keyboards and mice provide a remedy. You can find more information HERE.

Vandalism-protected operating solutions

Stainless steel keyboards are the first choice when robust input components/systems are required.

For example, stainless steel is used in consumer-related areas. These keyboards provide suitable protection against vandalism for information terminals, vending and banking machines, and in self-service systems. They also add aesthetic and functional value. Key illumination, the use of an integrated touchpad or an individualized key layout are just a few of many possible options.