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Healthcare-ready keyboards

GETT medical-grade keyboards are designed to address the critical need for impeccable hygiene in healthcare facilities, where the highest standards of cleanliness must be maintained. To prevent infection and protect both patients and personnel, the use of medical-grade keyboards has become a non-negotiable aspect of hospital hygiene.

The surface of these advanced keyboards is completely sealed, ensuring that water, dust, germs, and other potential microbial contaminants cannot penetrate the electronics within. This design feature is crucial, as conventional keyboards with gaps and crevices can harbor harmful bacteria, posing a significant risk in any healthcare setting.

GETT's medical-grade keyboards are more than just input devices; they are part of a comprehensive approach to maintaining a sterile environment. They are designed to:

  • Protect Patients and Personnel: By eliminating common hiding spots for germs and bacteria, these keyboards help reduce the risk of spreading infectious diseases.
  • Protect Employees: Ensuring the health and safety of healthcare workers is essential. By using keyboards that are easy to clean and disinfect, hospitals and clinics can create a safe and hygienic environment for their employees to prevent healthcare-associated Infection (HAIs).
  • Improve Overall Hygiene: In the battle against healthcare-associated infections, every detail matters. As such, GETT’s easy-clean keyboards contribute to maintaining a high level of hygiene.
  • Prevent Nosocomial Infection: Reducing HAIs is a top priority for healthcare facilities worldwide. By using easy-to-disinfect keyboards specifically designed for the healthcare industry, it's possible to reduce the threat of infections that occur during hospital stays.
  • Prevent Infection from Spreading: The spread of infection within healthcare facilities can be catastrophic. GETT’s medical-grade keyboards are the first line of defense against germs and are designed to be an integral part of infection control practices.



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