Washable, Medical Grade Keyboards and Mice

Washable Keyboards

Glass Keyboards

Keyboards made from glass follow an elegant and equally hygienic approach.

They are suitable for use in all medical areas, whether in the operating room or in the patient admission area. Their completely smooth, joint-free surface makes them easy to clean and disinfect with just a wipe. There is no problem to clean and sanitizing glass keyboards.

Glass keyboards offer their users even more: capacitive keys mean they can be operated easily and with less strain on the joints, as they do not require any mechanical pressure.

These keyboards are robust and durable thanks to the use of special glass. Glass is characterized by its wide variety, and different motifs or color prints can be applied to it, creating almost endless possibilities for individualization.

Silicone Keyboards

In medical workplaces, washable keyboards find their application area. It is crucial to not only preserve a hygienic workspace in the OR but also in every work desk available in hospitals or doctors' offices. Especially in these areas, you should work with medical-grade keyboards. Silicone keyboards remain clean because they are completely sealed. So they can be cleaned with water and detergents thoroughly. No water or dust ingress! Silicone keyboards and mice come in different forms, sizes, and features. Just look for the one that suits you best.

Plastic Keyboards

High-quality plastic keyboards are easy to clean thanks to their water and dust resistance, making them ideal for use in hygiene-sensitive areas such as hospitals, clinics, medical practices, laboratories, or pharmaceutical companies. You can individualize your plastic keyboard by having your own company logo lasered on it and therefore integrating it perfectly into your current corporate identity. In addition, we can equip this keyboard with any existing country layout. We are able to do this even if you only require a small number of items.

Washable Mice

Washable mice are easy to clean due to their water and dust resistance. Therefore, medical-grade mice are ideally suited for use in hygiene-sensitive areas such as hospitals, clinics, doctors' offices, laboratories or pharmaceutical companies.

With washable mice, you will significantly improve your hygiene management and actively help prevent infections.