Case study to convert the microscopy room at the faculty of medicine in Dresden

The work to convert the microscopy room at the Faculty of Medicine in Dresden started in 2018. This major project was handled by the Dreßler Engineering Office, which not only had to provide the audio and video technology, but also equip 60 student workplaces with the appropriate computer tools. The office chose GETT as the supplier for the operating equipment.

We met Steffen Dressler (abbreviated to SD in the text below), the owner of Dressler Ingenieure GMBH & Co. KG, to conduct a brief interview.


- The University Clinic in Dresden appointed you to convert the Faculty of Medicine. What was the greatest challenge that you faced?

- SD: Being specific, the conversion of the microscopy room. This was a pilot project and nothing like this had been completed anywhere in Saxony in the past. The main challenge here was to make available computers and the appropriate equipment for the students, but they were not supposed to have any direct access to this technology (i.e. the keyboards were to be installed in the tabletops). In addition, the university wanted the workplaces to be equipped with an extendible monitor and a keyboard.


- What did the university request in terms of media technology?

- SD: The devices that were to be used at the students’ laboratory workplaces had to be able to withstand a great deal of pressure. They also had to prevent theft and vandalism and meet hygienic standards. That is to say, it was essential that all the keyboards, which come in direct contact with the students, can be wiped and disinfected, among other things.


- You selected stainless steel keyboards from GETT. How did you reach your decision?

- SD:  In addition to the requirements I’ve already mentioned, the keyboards had to have an integrated touch pad. As a result, there’s no need for any additional PC mice. After conducting extensive research, we came across the stainless-steel keyboards produced by GETT. Their operating front made of stainless steel makes the keyboards so tough and guarantees ideal protection against forces exerted from outside. We decided to purchase the INDUSTEEL PANEL MOUNT KEYBOARD WITH A FULL KEYBOARD LAYOUT. It has such a flat design that it can be easily integrated in the tabletops provided – and it is possible to slide it in so that it disappears under the students’ workplaces when it is not being used.


- Were there any alternatives when selecting suitable keyboards?

- SD:  We naturally found other manufacturers too during our research. However, the touch pad that we needed was one of the main factors that knocked out GETT’s rivals. Working relations with the GETT team were also very cooperative and constructive from the outset. They’re the experts and they know what they’re talking about!