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Who We Are

The GETT Group is one of the leading manufacturers and sellers of professional operating technology, such as computer keyboards and mice for the industrial and medical market. The products are innovative and unique - even fully customized HMI solutions can be developed by German engineers!

Made in Germany

Recap: The GETT story began in a small town in Eastern Germany with modest resources in 1996 by Mr. and Mrs. Möckel, who were the CEOs and shareholders at the outset. A real spirit of entrepreneurship transformed the company from a small reseller of keyboards into a manufacturer of HMI products with global operations within a short time. GETT was already one of the leading HMI manufacturers in Germany by 2002 and was exporting items to more than 20 countries. In 2013, three former managers took over the company from the founders Mrs. and Mr. Möckel, who have now retired. More and more international operations opened up. This was a necessary step towards setting up subsidiaries in the most important countries and regions abroad. The GETT Group is now present in the most important global markets in the form of GETT Germany, GETT Asia and GETT North America.

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Why Industrial Keyboards and Pointing Devices

Rugged Keyboards for Industrial Environments

Industrial environments are tough on equipment, making them prone to failure. Water, oil, and chemicals would easily destroy a conventional office keyboard. They can also not be operated wearing gloves, as some facilities require. That is where specialty keyboards come into play. We offer a wide selection of different products that can be configured to fit customer needs.

Products we offer for the industrial market:

Our Latest Innovation - Optical Switch - Can Be Your Next Story:

Controlling things without touching them is no longer science fiction. Contactless technologies have been part of our everyday lives for a long time. Starting with the automatically opening door in the supermarket, to washing taps in public facilities, to operating the cockpit of the latest generation of motor vehicles. Even if the techniques used are different, the purpose they pursue is always the same - the contactless interaction between people and technology.

As a manufacturer of innovative HMI systems, we too strive to make the human-machine relationship simple, intuitive, and safe. With the optical button, a control element based on proximity sensors, we are making a contribution to contactless human-machine interaction.

Our Customers

Production Managers, IT Specialists, Sales Engineers, Sales Representatives, Design engineers, Product developers, Quality Managers, Project Managers, CEOs, Purchasing Managers, OEMs.

Fields of Application

  • Industry & Production facilities
  • Hygiene-sensitive Areas
  • Embedded Systems
  • Aerospace and Aviation
  • Outdoor areas: Building automation, security technology
  • Equipment for industrial automation
  • Machinery for heavy industry such as tooling, stamping metalworking, mining, smelting or drilling
  • Self-service and vending machines
  • Control centers for traffic systems or power plants
  • Measuring and testing equipment
  • Food and drink production or processing
  • Safety engineering


Project Manager Quote


  • Long-term product availability.
  • A personal contact partner.
  • Customization - even for very small number of items.
  • Intuitive operation via Plug & Play.
  • The latest technology.
  • More than 25 years of professional expertise.

Corporate Social Responsibility

GETT helps in Hurvey

GETT helps in Hurvey

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Let's GETT in touch:

Sandra Landrock

Sandra Landrock
General Manager of GETT North America

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