Mouth and nose cover
Mouth and nose cover
Mouth and nose cover
Mouth and nose cover

Mouth and nose cover

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Looking for those hard to find face masks for you and your loved ones?

These designer face masks are locally produced in Houston! Show your support to your local team, your love to sports or your love for nature with these masks! 

Order your mouth and nose covers now! 


We care about our community, which is why those washable face masks are "made in USA". These mouth and nose masks come in various designs, help to reduce the speed of droplet ejection and protect from touching your face. 


Product features:

  • Reduces the speed of droplet ejection
  • Protects against touching the face
  • Washable, reusable and therefore sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • Easy and quick application of the mask
  • One size for adults
  • Only suitable for everyday wear

How to use the mask:
1. wash before the first wear!
2. put the mask on with the inside (see picture) facing your face.
3. place the mask so that nose and mouth are covered.
4. secure the mask behind the ears using the rubber loops.
5. make sure that it fits snugly around the nose and chin.


Note: Please continue to observe the known hygiene rules. It is recommended to change and wash the oronasal mask daily. In the case of heavy use also several times a day.

Attention: The masks are neither a medical product nor personal protective equipment. For hygienic reasons, returns are not possible.