Fully Customized Products

Create Keyboards & Entire Systems From Scratch

The GETT®’s “Special solutions” department has a great deal of experience involving hundreds of “made-to-measure” projects in a wide variety of fields of application. The driving forces behind the success of this strategic department are the technical expertise of our German engineers, an exclusive focus on customers’ needs and living out a philosophy that solutions are possible.

  • Flexible membrane keyboards and keypads
  • Industrial keyboards with aluminum front plate and membrane overlay
  • Stainless steel keyboards and keypads
  • Silicone keyboards
Customized input systems
  • Complex Touchpanels with all touchscreen technologies (resistive, capacitive, SAW e.o.)
  • Mobile computing devices
  • Control interfaces with glass surface
The services we offer
  • Planning and manufacturing operating components, modules and systems
  • Complete hardware and software integration
  • Controls on a mechanical, capacitive and software-generated virtual basis
  • Frame design and production using a broad range of materials and shapes
  • Monitor and PC integration
  • Use of all the common touchscreen technologies
  • A wide variety of interfaces like USB, Ethernet, CanBus or NFC
  • Tests and checks for specific sectors
  • Extensive service and support
  • Special features like lighting, explosion protection or an anti-microbial surface
  • Faultless functions in challenging environments like extreme temperatures, dust and liquid emissions, mechanical effects, cleaning with disinfectants etc.
  • Highest levels of technical reliability and safety
  • Specific design adjustments to the appropriate operating conditions
  • Development and production work of even small quantities of items in line with needs
  • Adherence to specific sector standards and norms
  • Comprehensive tests and checks before implementation in the field
Markets of use
  • Industry and automation
  • Healthcare and food processing industries
  • Transportation and traffic
  • Public systems and security
  • Building automation

Contact us at info@gett-na.com for your customized product or call at +1 832 649-7822.