Medical Keyboards

Why medical keyboards are an absolute must in every hygienic working area

Germs, dirt and other ingress gather between the gaps of usual keyboards. Which might be "ok" for a normal office work place, is an absolute no go when it comes to a place where hygiene is actually crucial and can save lives!

Special features for special work spaces

Keyboards for applications in the medical field are adapted for their areas of use and are employed wherever hygiene plays a major role.

Medical keyboards usually have special features that make them suitable for use in medical environments.

These include a completely sealed surface as well as special materials.

A medical keyboard is usually made of silicone or foil, but it can also be made of glass.

The materials are impressively robust.

Water, dust or other dirt cannot penetrate medical keyboards.

Sanitizable Induproof™ Advanced silicone keyboard with integrated mousebutton- KG17204
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Cleankeys® - glass keyboards

Cleankeys® - keyboards with glass surface

Keyboards made from glass follow an elegant and equally hygienic approach.

They are suitable for use in all medical areas, whether in the operating room or in the patient admission area. Their completely smooth, joint-free surface makes them easy to clean and disinfect with just a wipe. It’s no problem cleaning and sanitizing these keyboards.

Glass keyboards offer their users even more: capacitive keys mean they can be operated easily and with less strain on the joints, as they do not require any mechanical pressure.

These keyboards are robust and durable thanks to the use of special glass. Glass is characterized by its wide variety, and different motifs or color prints can be applied to it, creating almost endless possibilities for individualization.