More than just a workplace — your healthy and safe working environment

COVID-19 pandemic didn´t bring a lot of good, but...

... It it has had one positive effect on many people – making them more considerate towards both themselves and others.

We wear mouth-nose masks in public and in enclosed spaces, we open door handles with our elbows, we are careful to maintain an appropriate distance to our neighbors, we wash our hands more often and more thoroughly, we clean the bathroom again and we go out into the fresh air more often.

Everything to protect both ourselves and our fellow human beings.

Make your workplace a safe place for you...

But what does it look like in the place where you spend a good 1/3 of your day? Are you just as attentive at your workplace too? No?

Then you should change that as a matter of urgency! Even this place has the potential to make you ill.

It starts with the wrong sitting position, body posture, semi-optimal light exposure and unergonomic work equipment.

Even optimizating small things can have an immensely positive effect on your workplace.

Take a break

According to a study, over 71% of German employees work during breaks. That means eating whilst working – if at all.

Sadly, this phenomenon has already become so widespread that it has even been given its own name – “Desktop Dining.”

A break, preferably away from the workplace, is essential if you want to stay focused, productive and, above all, healthy.

Hygiene at the workplace - clean your desk!

Americans like their homes to be clean and tidy. But what about their workplaces? Be honest — when was the last time you cleaned your keyboard or your telephone?

Admittedly, cleaning a conventional keyboard entails a not inconsiderable amount of work. But when you consider the fact that there are more bacteria on a keyboard than on a toilet seat, it is even more worth taking the time.

Washable keyboards offer a timesaving, clean and above all ergonomic alternative. Their surface textures mean they can be cleaned easily and effectively, and they also put less stress on your wrist joints.

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