Collection: Waterproof keyboards

Waterproof keyboards have recently become popular for their ability to be cleaned and disinfected. Having a high degree of proctection, GETT North America keyboards are safely washable. 

GETT North America sells medical keyboards with unique features which make them ideal for use in medical areas. It is recommended that medical keyboards are washed on a daily basis to maximize infection control. Rinsing them with water or spraying them with disinfectants is possible. 

GETT North America´s waterproof keyboards are comfortably used, even while wearing gloves. Try it for yourself - GET(T) your washable keyboard now!

35 products
  • CleanType™ Medical - KSI-U10050
  • InduProof™ Smart Pro with Backlight - KG22203
  • CleanType™ Easy Protect - KSI-U10100
  • InduMouse™ - KH20225
  • Cleantype Prime Panel+ with touchpad - KSI-U10220 / KSI-U20220
  • Silicone keyboard - Cleantype Prime Touch+- KSI-U10210 / KSI-U20210
  • InduProof™ Smart Compact - used, very good condition KG20231
  • Silicone keyboard Induproof Smart Classic - used, very good condition - KG20233
  • CleanType™ Wave Classic - plastic keyboard - KPL-B10010
  • Induproof™ Smart Classic - industrial silicone keyboard in black - KG22293
  • InduMouse™ The industrial PC mouse in grey - KH19226
  • InduMouse™ The industrial PC mouse in black - KH19224
  • Sanitizable Induproof™ Advanced silicone keyboard with integrated touchpad- KG17202