Collection: Full silicone keyboards

Silicone pads are made from highly elastic, toxin-free silicone rubber. They are created by moulding them from the basic materials that are fused together at a defined temperature and pressure. A special tool is necessary for each model. There is usually a conductive carbon pill for each key on the bottom side. The lower contact part is normally formed by meander-shaped conductors on a film or printed circuit board base.

6 products
  • TKG-113-MB: OEM silicone keyboard set with silicone keypad and controller board
  • Silicone keyboard Induproof™ 3 - KG13007
  • Robust Induproof™ 2 silicone keyboard in black - KG02435
  • Robust Induproof™ 2 silicone keyboard in grey colour - KG02005
  • Washable InduProof™ Med silicone keyboard in black colour - KG15003
  • Sanitizable Induproof™ Advanced silicone keyboard with integrated mousebutton- KG17204